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I've always refrained from mixing comedy and politics. Some comedians can blend that cocktail. Not me. I always find that even if a political joke is hilarious, you run the risk of upsetting half the crowd. And I felt that way twenty years ago, well before the current “Us vs. “Them” dynamic that permeates American communication. You cannot tell an “us” from a “them” on sight. Just talking to your neighbor, your florist, your butcher (do you have a butcher?) has become "landmine hopscotch". One false assumption about NAFTA with your barber could have dire cosmetic consequences. 

Thursday, 30 January 2020 17:12

Coming Soon!

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Just a friendly reminder...only 23 days away...

Monday, 23 October 2017 21:25

The Silver Lining...

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Just back from the Carnival VISTA and wanted to share a recent development and opportunity.

For nearly five years, the major part of my work year has been spent in the Caribbean. As I travel port to port, I’ve been able to witness the hard work and enjoy the warm hospitality of those who rely on tourism for their living. In the places that I visit often, I have come to know many of these folks personally. Of course, my heart was heavy as news poured in the past few weeks regarding the destruction endured by so many of those areas.

Saturday, 23 September 2017 14:07

Let the avalanche of inquiry begin!

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In preparing to write this post I looked back over the my previous blog entries to familiarize myself with the narrative that I've set forth. Got a small reality check there. It seems that I, in a burst of misguided artistic and workman-like fervor, disclosed that my goal was to post once a week! Seems a substantial, but not overly-ambitious goal. I gave myself this once a week challenge on March 30th!  Lets see. Roughly 26 weeks have passed since that declaration. Now taking a look at my posts the grand total is 3! By all rights it’s actually one of those 3 was just a slap-dash preview of coming attractions. Two posts in 26 weeks.. On that pace it’ll be the middle of March 2018 before you have access to the amount of content that you SHOULD have sitting in your browser right now. I figure if I flog myself here, making a big enough deal out of my paucity of effort, I'll shame myself into reforming my ways. But I digress...


“You’re a comedian! That’s exciting. You know, I’ve always wondered...”

Happens all the time. On airplanes, in doctor’s offices, and aboard cruise ships (where I have performed for huge chunks of the last four years).

Do I sometimes bring it up “nonchalantly-on-purpose”? Sure. I’m only human.

Yeah! It's been a while, but I had to learn a lot of new words to express myself. Exciting  and humorous musings on the way. #FakeNews #Sad #FailingComedian




So, why a blog? Ah, the not-at-all eternal question.

When deciding to revamp my website for the 4th time (yes this is my 4.0 update...go in the Wayback Machine some time to version 1.0, 2.0 and most recently 3.0 ...ugh), I knew that it needed to be, let’s say, a little more dynamic. Not just a book report of a site, but something that information, aka “content”, that appears regularly (aye, there’s the rub) to DRIVE traffic to my site. (that's a lot of SEO type stuff in no mind, please keep reading.)